How To Get Started With Affiliate Marketing 2021 Guide

For those who want to make money as an affiliate marketer using their website, affiliate marketing is a considerable way to make money online. As an affiliate marketer, you can earn more than 30k-50k per month through your website from any company that offers affiliate opportunities. You can easily make money by promoting certain products.

Affiliate Marketing 2021 Guide

If someone purchases a product or service using the product link advertised on your website, the owner of the product will give you a portion of their profits. You may think that affiliate marketing is challenging to make money, but it is wrong. Those who started it have succeeded here.

How to work as an affiliate marketer,

Let’s discuss it in detail:

First, decide on a business model:

There are two primary business models from which one can choose as an affiliate marketer. The first is to market physical products published on a company’s site, and the second is to make money by promoting the services offered from a company’s website. You choose one of these two models.

Marketing of physical products published on the company’s site means:

For example, marketing on Amazon, Alibaba, or Flipkart. These companies sell physical products. Mobile phone, TV, fridge, clothes, etc. Visit their website directly for details about their products.

The second is to promote the services offered by a company’s website:

Many companies do not trade in physical products. They provide various necessary services. Some of the websites are Name Chip, Blue Host, Theme Forest, etc. You have to decide what kind of product or service you want to affiliate marketing. You can appoint for yourself whether to use physical products or digital services.


Suppose you like a model. Now you need to start working on the second stage. Once you have chosen your business model, you need to create a website based on the business model of affiliate marketing.

Create an Affiliate Marketing Website as an Affiliate Marketer:

You will need your platform to work as an affiliate marketer (a personal website or blog). Through which you will discuss and advertise various aspects of the product or service of your choice.

Marketing Website
Marketing Website

If you really have a website or blog, you do not need to create a website. You can use your old website to earn money as an affiliate marketer. If you do not yet have a website or blog, you need to create one.

To purchase a domain and hosting for your website, visit the following sites:

  • HostGator
  • BlueHost
  • Namecheap

If you cannot purchase the domain and hosting from a foreign company, then visit the following website:

IitHost (Bangladeshi Domain and Hosting Company).

However, companies like HostGator, Namecheap, and Bluehost provide such website services, which are very easy to manage and relatively inexpensive from other companies. They provide professional website services. You can create a website through us if you want. Once your website is complete, follow the instructions below.

Select an Affiliate Marketing 2021 niche:

Most affiliate marketers make the mistake of choosing a niche. It is necessary to select a place by researching over time. The better the niche selection, the more money it will earn from affiliate marketing. And in addition to niche selection, you need to find an area where you can market your product or service. So you can easily earn more commission by marketing. There is no problem if you do not target a specific country or region. But it is imperative to choose a niche.

Choose products and services:

If you choose a niche to work with, you are ready to start looking for products and services to promote on your platform. Depending on your choice, you need to write content about the products/services you would like to advertise on the website as an affiliate marketer.


Affiliate marketers interested in digital content such as e-books and software can work with Amazon, Clickbank, and e-Junky. If you have completed all of the topics discussed so far, read the instructions below. After completing the above tasks, you are ready to make money through your website as an affiliate marketer. But it would be greatest if you did more to increase your income.

Need to increase website traffic or visitors:

Remember, you can’t earn commission until you meet three conditions.

  • Traffic
  • Conversion
  • Action

You can call it an affiliate marketing formula-

Traffic + Conversion + Action = Commission.

Here are some more popular ways to succeed in affiliate marketing:

Do e-mail marketing:

E-mail marketing is a very effective method through which it is possible to generate a lot of affiliate commissions. To do e-mail marketing, you need to collect the e-mail addresses of your target clients. Many people can buy e-mail or manage e-mail by following some strategies. One day I will write about how to collect e-mail addresses.

Promote paid:

You need to invest in paid promotion. But it is undoubtedly an effective way. You can increase your site traffic through paid advertising if you have a website. However, never promote the affiliate link directly with the greed of earning income.

So far today. If you really have any questions about this, please write and comment.

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